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Handmade Items Inspired by Gramma

My handmade sewn items – lavender cozies, reading pillows, boo-boo bags, sunglass pouches and more – are inspired by the love and support of my grandmother.

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Adult Threads

Lavender Warming Pillows

We all carry so much stress and tension in our neck and shoulders. The use of this weighted hot/cold therapy pillow will do wonders to help release the tension and help you feel more relaxed. $30.00

Lavender Cozies

Lavender Warming Cozies (small or large) Filled with jasmine rice and tossed with lavender and essential oils, these cozies comfort sore tummies and necks. Toss in the microwave or freezer for hot or cold therapy. $18.00

Large Lavender Cozie

Large lavender cozies are great for larger areas, back, hips, legs. Feels absolutely wonderful heated up and the scent of the warm lavender is very calming. approx. size 12"x 18". $48.00

Neck Koolies

These Koolies will keep you cool for hours! made with water absorbing beads. Great for gardening, jogging, golfing, whatever you are doing and you are feeling the heat!!!

Sunglasses Pouch

No more searching in the bottom of your purse for lost glasses, which means no more scratches with these fun print quilted pouches!! Many fun designs to choose from. $18.00

Potato Sacs

This handy potato sac makes the best baked potato, hands down! Also great for corn on the cob and heating bread and tortillias. Never been so easy; just pop these in the microwave, and voila! Instruction card included. $19.00

'Lil Bee Threads

Boo Boo Bags

These little boo boo bags can be heated or put in freezer to make all those little boo boos go away! Comes in pack of 2. Different patterns to choose from. $10.00

Freezie Cozies

No more cold hands with these freezies cozies! Will hold large and small freezie. $4.00

Reading Pillows

Kids love these pillows! The handle makes it easy to carry, and the pouch will store their books. The cover comes off for washing. Great for car rides, sleep-overs at grandmas and snuggling up for story time. $42.00