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All-Natural Body Care
& Handmade Fabric Creations

Welcome to milksybliss where I make all-natural bath and body care. Bee natural, bee beautiful.

Don’t see what you’re looking for in my galleries? That doesn’t mean I can’t make it for you. Feel free to reach out, and I will do my best to customize any requests.

Flowers Watercolour Painting

My Inspiration...

So often the most important people in our lives shape who we become and inspire the paths we take. For myself, that person would be my Gma. After she passed at 100 years young, I couldn’t help but to think, what’s next?

I took a few sewing lessons to make keepsakes from Gma’s belongings which turned into reading pillows for the kids, blankets for my husband and that’s when milksybliss officially began. Lavender warming pillows, soaps, sugar scrubs I just kept going.

Through trial and error and loads of patience here I am making high-quality natural products for all of you! milksybliss is exploding before my eyes and I have all of you to thank. My dedicated customers, my supportive friends and loving family.

A wise man once said “A family that works together, plays together. Keep going and don’t you ever give up”. I will forever be grateful that this man is my wonderful husband.

Much love, Jojo